Friday, 16 May 2014

Our First Post

Hello, we are Bridgette and Roseleen, two sisters who are fashion fanatics who believe that 'brand fever' can be injurious to our pockets! Hailing from India's capital city Delhi, we have an array of flea markets to shop from. We're starting our fashion blog, 'In Style Custody' to show our personal style. 

We had been planning this blog for a long time. How we settled for this moniker revolves around the story of a dull, bronze-hued little handcuff neck-piece. 

Let us be veracious, planning and producing In Style Custody was onerous. Being busy with our schedules we would often ponder if we would be able to spare time for it, nonetheless we still wanted to do it. Through this conduit we are merely taking our passion up a notch.

Keep in touch to see how we roll! 

In Style Custody

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