Thursday, 18 September 2014

Bridgette | Its A Wrap

Hi there! How are you doing?
After a two week long hiatus, I am back and in my simplest avatar ever. Since Roseleen was caught up with her college I brazenly decided to go for this shoot with my youngest sister, Evelyn. We may not have mentioned that earlier, but we have a two younger siblings as well. Yes, we are four in number, the perfect count for a game of Ludo or a doubles Badminton match. ;) 

Hitherto I have been playing safe. I was bored of the regular jeans and top routine and wanted to do it a little differently this time. Simple as it is, the skirt camouflages with the background (that was not why I chose the setting). The skirt is an appropriate substitute for the regular denim. The tinge of tangerine on the skirt allowed me to put on the neckpiece and the ring as complimentary pieces. I believe that there should be only one piece as the showstopper since too many cooks spoil the broth. ;) 
Which one do you think is the showstopper here?

Have a good day. Stay in touch. :D


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