Monday, 12 January 2015

Bridgette | Beneath the Beanie

Hello everyone! Happy New Year to all. I know twelve days have passed by but I did not get a chance to wish you, did I? How have you been doing? I have been great and so has the new year. The year that passed was wonderful. I understood where my passion lies and also my strengths and weaknesses. Every year teaches you something and 2014 taught me how much I loved fashion.   

The new year is welcomed by the cold winds of January. The plummeting temperature challenged me to cover up (at least my head). The beanie does just that. I had become blasé about the beanies I had come across. This one is a fancier version which we created ourselves. Do you like it? Do let us know. 

The rest of the outfit was kept simple. The purple shirt under the tweed sweater breaks the monotony of the look. I like how simple pieces when put together make an ensemble worthy. Also, a little note of thanks to my cousin from whom I borrowed these heels. They fit perfectly with the outfit. 

I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for reading.
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