Monday, 2 March 2015

Bridgette | Not an Invitation

Greetings! International Women's day is round the corner. Living in a patriarchal society, women are often looked down upon. Many of you may have seen the harrowing documentary, 'India's Daughter' directed by Leslee Udwin. I was taken aback by the statements made by the remorseless convict. I was more appalled by the ideologies of the convicts' lawyers. 

Men often complain that women evoke them. Some even blame foreign food for the increasing number of sexual assaults on women. This is malarkey. Clothes worn by a woman are also regarded as an invitation to the dastardly act. I find it difficult to imagine how a two year old's cute pinafore can attract a man to commit such a grotesque act. I strongly condemn such incidents.


The button-front skirt is a rage this season. I suggest you to get your hands on these. The classic denim shirt with the statement necklace gives the otherwise casual outfit an oomph.

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