Monday, 18 May 2015

Clash of the Decades

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Much like the classic LBD and the plain white tee, denim shorts rank high on the list of timeless trends. These ubiquitous summer wardrobe staples make casual combinations as well as formal pairings.

It is evident that denim shorts are versatile and can be dressed in different ways. Two different decades are prominent here. Roseleen went for a pair of high waist shorts, a flowy kimono and a pair of chunky gladiators. The rock chic look, which incorporates a septum cuff, screams 90's.

Bridgette showcases a retro 70's vibe to the look featuring a pair of high waist denim shorts and a crop top. The idea of wearing a crop top is to wear it with a high waist bottom to refrain from showing skin. If you are daring enough to bare it, then the correct way to sport a crop top would be showing just a flash of skin and leaving the rest to the imagination.

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Roseleen and Bridgette
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