Monday, 25 May 2015

Roseleen | Sheer Cheer

Greetings! Welcome to the new post.

In the previous post, we played with denim shorts. In this one, I thought of showcasing this versatile pair. With July here, shorts can be the perfect substitute to a pair of denims, don't you think?

Perusing myriad blogs, I realized that these shorts were the new 'it' thing. I was on the lookout and finally got my hands on it. What I love about these shorts is how carefree and lazy they make me feel. The little details that make it all the more interesting are the overlapping and the pom poms. They add a little drama to the whole outfit.

A white t-shirt is another piece of clothing which is easy to dress and does not require much effort to coordinate with other pieces. A dainty neckpiece and the outfit is complete in itself. I have a quaint fascination for studs and spikes. The studs on the arm cuff and the spikes on the snapback quench my thirst for them. They make me look tough without having to do much.

I hope you enjoyed the post. I have been repeatedly asking you to be vocal. Let me know if you liked the post. 
Thank you for reading. :)

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