Monday, 6 April 2015

Bridgette | Crown of Thorns

Yo! How are ya'll?

We sometimes end up in a rut when we cannot think what to wear. Sticking to one genre of clothing maybe the reason for the inability to look beyond what is most comforting. I say, we try another set of clothes for a day to see how we feel.

I slipped into a white denim and threw on a neon jersey. Neon is quite a challenging hue to work with. I kept my jeans in the most immaculate colour to keep the attention partially diverted away from the jersey. I wanted to incorporate some more items from the sports luxe trend and I did so in the form of a snapback and a backpack.

The snapback is a coveted piece. In this heat it can spare you from the Sun's harsh effects. Wear it backwards, and you instantly add a punch to the whole outfit. It is investment and everybody should make it. 

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Wishing you a kickass week ahead. 

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