Monday, 27 April 2015

Bridgette | Sincerely, Shorts.

Hey! Happy Sabbath.

The unforgiving June heat will not spare anyone but I thought of challenging its power. The audacity of shorts gave quite a competition.

Summer shorts are the epitome of Summer dressing. They are available in all shapes and sizes ranging from a pair of cut-offs to a culotte. You could try any length and still rock it with some statement pieces.

The soft mint of the pair was perfect for the challenging day. The silhouette of the shorts juxtaposed with the casual top was a divine marriage. I look for tiny details which make the piece strike at once, which I found in the bow. It is these details which make or break an outfit.

The mint duo complemented each other like a tie would complement a formal shirt. I added a third piece, the vest, to contribute to the complexity. The third piece has immense powers. It adds nuances to the outfit making it look a tad bit different from the rest. The tan brogues and the messenger bag fit like a glove with the theme, don't you think?

Thank you for reading.
Have a blessed Sunday.

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