Monday, 22 June 2015

If Women Were From Mars


With every passing day, we learn and grow. Learning is an integral part of growing. We have grown from cute shorts to these smart pants. Delhi has extreme temperatures hence making dressing up tougher than it actually is. One day it may pour cats and dogs, the other it may shine bright. For such extremities, we need to be versatile.

Menswear inspired pieces have and will always enthrall us. The comfort they provide is undeniably incompetent. They allow the wearer to strut around without having much to worry about.

It is important that we maintain the femininity, though not doing so will do no harm. Quirky accessories add a dose of glamour to the outfit. Roseleen went for a statement neckpiece. Keeping the outfit simple, a clutch was the adequate paraphernalia required.

Bridgette too experimented with her pants. The pair of plain khakhi pants was combined with a simple top adding a layer to create drama to the outfit. The tan brogues fit perfectly with the pants too. She kept a note of the details keeping the ultimate trifecta of the belt, bag and shoes in the same hue. Did it work out well?

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Roseleen and Bridgette
In Style Custody