Monday, 29 June 2015

Roseleen | The Lazy Peplum

Hello! How are you?

Summer extends to monsoon which results in lush greenery. I couldn't stop myself from taking some pictures here. Though rain plays havoc in Delhi during monsoon, the green carpet bewitched me. 

The protagonist of this ensemble would definitely be the peplum top. I believe in giving glorifying attention to one piece with other pieces playing a minor role. That is what I did here, the peplum was the star of the show. In the contrary, wearing just a smart piece may not do justice to the whole outfit. It needs others to work with it to create the perfect ensemble.

A simple pair of jeans did not grab much attention but somehow put everything in place. The fun bits were the sunglasses, the transparent bag and of course the statement neckpiece. Do you think these worked well with the outfit? How would you go about a peplum top? We are all eyes and ears on our FB page and IG handles.

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