Monday, 13 July 2015

Roseleen | Back to Basics

Hey! How have you been?

Monsoon brings cheer to every individual and to the agrarian Indian nation. It is needless to say that monsoon comes with its own set of problems. From potholes as humongous as swimming pools to a concoction of deadly diseases. Though the advent of greenery and fresh clean air are to look forward to, where is monsoon?

My summer wardrobe has had a extended tenure. I still feel it is not a good option to wear a pair of denims and hence switch to more comfortable options such as pants. To keep the look formal you could wear a cropped shirt instead of a t-shirt or a top. Cropped tees were a rage with some daring girls and still can be seen styled perfectly with a pair of high waist bottoms. I am a firm believer of keeping one piece the star of the show and worked on this outfit keeping my principle intact.

One rule that can be broken in fashion is keeping the shoes and the bag in the same hue. A brown bag can look as cool with a pair of black strappy sandals as with a brown pair. Fashion is all about experimenting with and breaking rules. Did you like the post even though I went astray? Do let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Very nice outfit, the colors are great for summer !

    Basic Is The Mood

    1. Thank you.
      We kept the colours in mind while creating the summer outfit. :)

  2. Love your outfit. Real cute..
    I Was Here

  3. What a lovely outfit!! Perfect Summer color...


    1. Yes these colours define summer. Thank you Sangita. :)