Monday, 17 August 2015

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Hi! How are you doing?

Are you a fan of layering? If not, I will try to make you one today. Layering sounds apt for winter but summer layering has some advantages too. It adds drama to an otherwise casual outfit. It livens up the pieces thus creating an illusion of a smarter ensemble. I tried a little layering today by doubling a shirt with a t-shirt. Since the shirt was in a nude shade, it was the perfect canvas for the tee shirt with a renaissance painting on it. Do you think they look good together?

For the rest of the outfit, a distressed denim and a pair of strappy sandals were enough. You can also see how I have been loving these Dior dupes. They are my favorite sunnies, and I love how I can use them with every genre. Such pieces are always a delight to own.

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I hope you enjoyed the post and hope you enjoy the week too.
Have a good day and a fabulous week ahead.


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  1. The ripped jeans look so great on you! I also love your sunglasses, so cool :)

    1. Don't we make a case for distressed denims? :P
      Thank you for dropping by Gail. :)

  2. Yaay! I love this look. So chic.

    Let me feel cool cos ive got te same sunnies yaay..
    Basic Makeup Turned Fab

    1. Aren't they the most versatile pair of sunnies ever?
      Thank you for visiting Grace. :)

  3. Love the layering, colors and styling in this look. Very fab!