Monday, 14 September 2015

Bridgette | At The Intersection

Hi all! Trying to beat the Monday morning blues?

Whenever it comes to gingham, you are bound to be mocked at but mind you these criss-cross intersections make for a classic. Like its counterparts, gingham is versatile. Do you still have doubts?

An easy ensemble comprising a skirt and a gingham top would be appropriate for starters. How would you do if I told you it was a crop top? Did that make an irresistible incentive? Anyway, I wanted to share how this crop pom-pom top is one of our favorite finds. It goes well with a pair of high waist jeans or pants. Skirts, too, can look good with it.

I feel that we shy away from certain things only because we think others might not approve of it. The epitome of this would be, distressed denims. People have cunningly inquired if I injured myself due to a fall. Or why did I wrap a table cloth, was I out of clothes? Am I a derelict, for wearing loose pants. Was I wearing my younger sister's top if I wore a crop top. When wearing a spiked necklace, aren't the spikes pricking me, or aren't they hurting me in any way. These are just some of the girl problems we face, but to be honest, I do not care what others think. I do not dress for them, I dress for myself. I am most thankful to my parents who do not raise these question, though they raise an eyebrow now and then. They have never stopped me from wearing what I love and wearing what makes me happy.

How many of these problems do you face? Do your parents question you for your sartorial choices? Share us what you face on a day to day basis, we may have so many things in common. Thank you so much for reading. Have a good day and a fabulous week.

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  1. I've learnt to dress according to my body structure and things I'm only super comfy is cos people will always have something to say be it +ve or -ve.. Just do you.

    Lovely outfit btw.
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