Monday, 21 December 2015

Bridgette | Green Is The New Black 2.0

Hello and welcome!

For this post I thought of bringing something which I would not wear on a daily basis. I have always thought of doing an outfit with the jumpsuit as the main piece but could not be able to do so. My craving to create an outfit prompted me to create one at the very end. It is quite cold here in Delhi. Not as cold as the Winter in Canada or maybe parts of Europe but cold enough to put on a trench coat. I bought this one primarily because of it's colour and the details on the sleeve. I like that I can even pull it up when I feel the need to do so. Did you notice the veiled beanie? I made this one last year. I like how casual pieces can be omphed up to suit a different genre. The jumpsuit, like many other pieces in my wardrobe, is very versatile. You can go for a denim jacket and a pair of boots with it. For a dressier version. you can opt for a sleek blazer and a pair of heels. If you feel like you want to keep it casual that day, throw on a plaid shirt and denim jacket duo. Choose shoes that best fit your mood.

We have had an amazing year. I and my sister, Roseleen would like to thank all those who have been a constant supprt. The critics did play a crucial role too. I look forward to more readers in the year 2016 and your continuous support to entice your friends and family to join us in our endevour. Thank you so much for being there. Christmas is just around the corner. Enjoy it with your friends and family. Have a wonderful week ahead. 

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